Curriculum Connections

  • All Grades – Famous Artist Series, Seasonal Projects for Christmas, Easter, Multicultural, Mother’s & Father’s Day and most fused glass projects.
  • I am Unique
  • Building things – That’s what Clay for Kids does.
  • Creating colour – there is a colour lesson with all fused glass and slip glazed classes.
  • Senses – We have created several highly textured project using stamps and rollers.
  • Seasonal changes –We have a new project build using clay or glass – Seasonal Trees
  • Acadian
  • Inuit
  • Prairie Community
  • Urban – we have created The Calgary Scene
  • Small Crawling and Flying animals
  • Communities in the World – we have many international projects
  • Hearing and Sound
  • Peru
  • Ukraine
  • India
  • Tunisia.
  • Rocks and Mineral – We have an in depth but student friendly Power Point to accompany this unit. There will be information shared that all slip glazing materials are minerals from the ground.

  • Aboriginal – Treaty 7 mural was built by Clay for Kids and students at T0atha Community School
  • Alberta: Histories and Stories– students build tiles of flora and fauna for the Alberta Mural they will examine, critically, the physical geography of Alberta.
  • Light and Shadow – a working sun dial
  • Plant Growth
  • Histories and Stories
  • Iroquois Confederation
  • Wetlands
  • My world
Indigenous Peoples Projects
Pre-Schools (ages 3 & 4)

Curriculum Overview – I am Unique; I belong

Social Studies – ‘I am Unique in My Community’ Suggested projects are – Family Plaque, All About Me Frame, Dad and Me plaque. Personal Mask. Science – Under the Sea, Insects on a Leaf, Dinosaurs Building Things – Arch candle holder, Self Portrait, All about me Picture Frame, Hand imprint Plaque

Grade 1

Curriculum Overview
– Building Things (which students do when they create with clay)
– My World
– Seasonal Changes
– Creating Colours
– Senses

– Seasonal changes – Four season tree plaque (clay or glass)
– My world – Family plaque, My house fused glass, All about Me Picture Frame
– Creating colour – Van Gogh Sunflowers
– Senses –Textured Wall flowers, Textured hand imprint

Grade 2

Curriculum Overview
– Small crawling and flying animals
– Three regions of Canada;
– Inuit
– Acadian
– Prairie Communities

– Inuit – Animals, Masks, Polar bear family, Inukshuk with northern lights (glass) Inukshuk scene.
– Acadian – Lighthouse and surrounding features.
– Prairie Communities – Grain Elevator and Log Cabin School House (we have an amusing dialogue when in the classroom going back to early times and what duties the girls and boys had in the school room.)

Grade 3

Curriculum Overview
– Rocks and Minerals – Every class views a power point on rocks and minerals, we will slip glaze the clay project and show the students some raw minerals that are used in the slip glaze. We will bring samples of various coloured clay and has been coloured through the close proximity to the minerals in the ground.
– Peru, India, Ukraine, Tunisia (the original Star Wars film location was in the Tunisian Dougga Dwellings)
– Animal Life Cycles
– Hearing and Sound
– Communities of the world

– Ukraine – Ukrainian Child
– Peru – Peruvian Child, Peruvian Mask (Inca), Toucan, Llama and Mountains
– India – Taj Mahal, Elephant Coil Pot
– Tunisia – Tunisian Plate, Tunisian Vase, Camel, Dougga Dwelling
– Animal Life Cycles – Life cycles of a Butterfly
– Hearing and Sound – Wind Chimes (clay and glass) and Maraca
– Rocks and Minerals (every class includes a discussion of the properties of clay and how the minerals in the ground effect it. When you slip glaze a projects we explain to the students that the slip is made from minerals and what minerals make specific colours which we use)

Grade 4

Curriculum Overview
– Light and Shadow
– Histories and Peoples of Alberta
– Alberta, sense of land
– Plant growth

History and Peoples of Alberta – Teepee, Treaty 7 Mural, log cabin school house
Alberta Sense of Land – Alberta mural, Alberta Symbols, Nature Scene, Mountains and trees a three dimensional sculpting
Light and Shadow – Sun Dial
Plant growth – Tree of Life

Grades 5

Curriculum Overview
– Histories and stories – Voyageurs
– Wetlands Eco Systems – Students will create their three dimensional wetland creatures sculpting, often more than one creature in the same scene, and the surrounds landscape.

– Wetlands Eco Systems
– Histories and stories – Voyageurs, Teepees

Grades 6

Curriculum Overview
– Decision Making
– Iroquois Confederacy
– Trees and Forest

Iroquois Confederacy – Iroquois Mask
Decision Making – Four Pillars of Democracy
Trees and Forests – Birch Trees (glass or clay and glaze)

Seasonal Projects

These projects are designed to celebrate seasonal events or as gifts for special occasions.

Mother’s Day
Father’s Day


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