The Art & Science of Fused Glass

Glass Picasso Faces

Glass itself is one of the fruits of the art of fire, it’s like MAGIC! It is a fusion of the Earth’s rocks: a mixture of sand (silicon oxide), soda (sodium oxide) and lime (calcium oxide) melted at high temperatures. Glass is an enabling material used for more than just drinking vessels and windows. It also allows scientists to observe distant stars and the smallest biological cells, and colourful chemical reactions in test tubes.

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Kids Love Fused Glass – it’s Magical and Clay for Kids makes it SAFE

Safety is of utmost importance in the classroom.

Glass programs for Kindergarten to Grade 6

90 minute workshops, minimum 2 per day

Teepee (glass)

Children will design their own creations as part of curriculum or art projects to express their individual creativity.

Choose from themes such as All About Me, Insects and Nature (mountains, trees, rivers) all of our school projects are designed to connect to to Alberta Learning curriculum. Try one of our new projects:  Teepee Village, Four Season Trees or Wind Chimes.

Our instructor will bring a wide variety of colours and shapes of glass to ensure artists have the opportunity to create their own fused glass masterpieces. We will demonstrate various techniques to enable the students to complete their desired design theme.

When the pieces are completed, the glass will be taken to our studio to be fired. We will email you a Power Point Presentation and leave an information sheet on the history and firing experience of glass. The firing process is much more complicated than with our Clay for Kids pottery pieces.

Fused glass has fit into Clay for Kids philosophy of encouraging the individual creativity of all our students whether they are children, teens or adults.

Please Note: All classes must be in the same room due to the amount of base and decorative glass that we bring to each class for set up and the required clean up after the classes.

When booking a sun catcher for your classes please select from the following themes, click to view themes.


Samples can be viewed at Dr. Coffin and Glendale school.

Each tile is a little over 5 cm square. The students will have a variety of coloured glass. Each tile will be embedded with two wire loops which allow the tiles to be attached to the chain link fence. The decorated tiles  fired  and  returned within 14 days.

Cost: $5/student plus GST (200 participants or more)

8cm mini Sun Catcher – Cost: $5/student (200 participants or more)

The fused glass classes were amazing. Our instructor was so great with the kids and instructions were clear and easy for them to follow. All the teachers said today was great. We are looking forward to the finished product. Thank you so much from all the 3/4 teachers at Maple Ridge school.

  • Sun Catchers – $16.00 per student. Students will learn how to embed a wire hanger into the top of their piece and see how neat it looks after the piece has been fired.
  • Pendant & Keychain Set –  $20.00 per student. Perfect for Mother’s and Father’s gifts.
  • Crucifix and Self-Portraits – $18.00.


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