Bookings and Professional Development

Our programs can be delivered to students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The teacher pre-selects curriculum based or seasonal projects. The projects are either created by hand building, by throwing a piece on a pottery wheel (we can bring a number of pottery wheels to a school) or creating with fused glass. The curriculum projects have been designed in consultation with teachers over the years and help to strengthen student learning.  Clay for Kids,  Bringing the Curriculum to Life since 1981.

School Booking Details:

  • Minimum 2 classes per day, no single classes please
  • 50% deposit on all fused glass
  • Deposit due two weeks prior to your classes
  • Our instructor comes to your school and delivers the class in your safe and secure facility
  • We provide all required clay, glass, student aprons, tools, trays, table drop cloth and supplies
  • Each class is 60 to 120 minutes in length, depending on the grade and projects that are selected
  • Clay classes begin with a pottery wheel demonstration and a question and answer session about clay (where does clay come from, how do minerals in the ground affect the clay) and how clay is transformed into pottery (what happens to their projects after the class is complete). This is a wonderful opportunity to engage the students by sharing information.
  • All of the student projects are returned to our studio, dried and then fired in our kilns to a temperature of over 1000 degrees C. This firing process is a fundamental step in a pottery and fused glass programs.
  • After firing, all projects are individually wrapped in paper and packed in a cardboard box for return to the school within 21 days, along with bags to carry them home. The bowl created during the pottery wheel demonstration is glazed and returned as a gift to the teacher.

Professional Development and Team Building

This is a fun and relaxing way spend during P.D. days. Sessions are 90 – 120 minutes and you may choose from fused glass, clay building, and pottery wheel work or create with. We will bring everything you need and do the clean up too! Prices start at $20 per person.

CLICK HERE to see fused glass projects

Terms and conditions for booking

1. A booking confirmation form will be faxed or emailed to the teacher within 72 hours of making the booking. The confirmation should be checked to ensure that your requirements have been met. The form must be signed and faxed back to our office no later than 30 days prior to the date of the (first) class.

2. All information in the booking confirmation form should be provided so that our instructors can prepare for the class. If some information (the selected project in particular) is not specified, then we will follow up to attempt to obtain this information. If it cannot be obtained by 7 calendar days prior to the class date, then we reserve the right to allow the instructor to select a project appropriate for that grade. Most of our regular Teachers find it best to select the project at the time of booking to avoid any future concerns.

3. The glass material must be ordered, pre-cut and/or prepared prior to each fused glass class.
Therefore, a 50% deposit will be required upon booking for all fused glass classes.

4. A cancellation charge of $50.00 for a single class or $100 per day for multiple classes will be applicable for any classes that are cancelled within two weeks of the class date in order to compensate our instructors for lost wages. If the school is able to fill the cancelled classes, then no fee will be applicable.

5. Note that you must speak directly to our program coordinator to cancel a class.

6. Mileage charges will be applicable for schools located outside of the City limits and will be specified in the booking confirmation.

7. If some classes are cancelled and results in a sing le class per day in a school, then the cost will be adjusted accordingly.

8. The invoice will be prepared after the class is completed and the instructor confirms that actual number of students and finishes that are purchased. The invoice will then be issued and will be due within 15 days of the invoice date.

9. We accept payment by cheque, MasterCard and Visa. Direct deposit can also be arranged if desired.

10. During snowstorms and other severe weather conditions, we may have to cancel a class with minimal prior notice as our instructor may not be able to drive to your school, arrive on time and/or transport her equipment from the parking lot to the school. Also, some students are often not in attendance on these days and teachers usually prefer to re-schedule the class to a normal school day when all students can participate. In these situations, we will notify your school as early as possible by telephone and email and attempt to contact the teacher directly by cellular telephone. Our program coordinators will then contact the teacher within the next few days to reschedule the class. We appreciate your understanding during these difficult situations.

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Finishing Options & Pricing

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