At-Home Kid’s Birthday Parties

Six parties to chose from:

Clay Building

Clay Building

$200 / 10 Artists

Clay Building Plus Glazing

Clay Building Plus Glazing

$250 / 10 Artists



$32 / Artist

Fused Glass

Fused Glass

$20-$25 / Artist

Fused Glass

Paint N Go Birthday Party

$170 plus GST/10 artists additional participants are $15/each

Fused Glass

Glaze Birthday Party

$200 +GST/10 artist

Bisque Ware


Clay for Kids Parties are great for kids, and adults too – a creative option for lady’s nights, office parties, private events, clubs and camps!

Calgary Instructors travel to your location to offer our exclusive party program. Travel fees are incurred for parties beyond central city radius. Costs are clearly explained upon reservation.

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking.

All prices are plus GST.

Clay for Kids – A reputable organization for your party

We have been teaching children and adults how work with clay since 1981. For each of our events, we provide the following:

  • A phone service for your reservation or to answer your questions.
  • An email confirmation for all reservations; online and phone reservations.
  • A phone call the day before your party to assure you of our presence.
  • Great customer service at all times!


Clay Building Party

$200 + GST for 10 artists
One hour

Upon booking, our office staff will assist you in selecting the perfect project for your group based on age, theme or interests! We have more than 60 options to choose from, but are also happy to create a one of a kind project just for your event!

On party day, the instructor will demonstrate the pottery wheel and lead the party – assisting and guiding guests as they add their own creative touches to their art.

For children’s parties, the guest of honor will have an opportunity to try their hand at the wheel!

For an additional $3/each we will dip the projects into, either a green brown or blue glaze. The piece is fired to a hard, shiny and colourful finish.

Projects are all taken for drying and firing, and returned within 21 days.

CLICK HERE to see party projects

Clay Building & Glazing Birthday Party

$250 + GST for 10 artists
90 minutes

Following clay building, artists will paint their projects with a special material that colors the clay before firing. Once fired, the clay will be dipped in clear glaze resulting in a shiny, colorful, finished piece of art!

Fused Glass Party

$20-$25 + GST /Artist (10-15 artists)
One hour

A great party option for adults, teens and children over 5 years! Turn bits and strips of specialty glass into twinkling kiln-fired treasures! We’ll show your guests how to create sparkling glass artwork, glittering glass jewellery, funky ornaments and sun catchers. Every piece is unique, the results are dazzling, and the fun is addictive!

Project choices and pricing will be discussed upon booking based on the size of the artwork. $20 + GST option is ideal for children 5 years and up and includes a 5x3 glass base. $25 + GST option includes a 4x4 inch base and is suggested for tweens, teens and adults!

CLICK HERE to see fused glass projects

Tween / Teen Pottery Wheel and More Party

$32 +GST / Artist (6 – 10 artists)
90 minutes

Everyone loves working on the pottery wheel! Each artist will have an opportunity to create a bowl on the Clay for Kids pottery wheel under the guidance and supervision of our instructor. Color will be added while the piece is spinning. The bowl will be dipped in clear glaze and fired, resulting in a hard, shiny, food safe finish.

In addition to the wheel project, artists will create either a hand built clay project OR a fused glass project. Clay building option or fused glass option must be decided prior to your party date. Please see above descriptions for details of these offerings.

CLICK HERE to see fused glass projects

Paint N Go Birthday Party

$170 + GST / 10 artists (additional participants are $15/each)
75 minutes

This is our most economical party and no need for loot bags as everyone will take their painted project home the day of the party. Our party specialist will arrive with all supplies and plastic table covers. The birthday child will have the opportunity to work on the wheel. There will be several bisque ware pieces for the children or adults to choose from.

After the pieces have been painted we will leave finishing spray for the birthday parent to spray when all pieces are dry. Every piece can go home at the end of the party in Clay for Kids bag.

We cannot guarantee all 10 projects are the same.

Glaze Birthday Party

$200 + GST/10 artist
75 minutes

We will bring an assortment of prefired bisque ware chosen from the photos on our website. We cannot guarantee we can bring 10 of any one project. Each artist will paint and sign their piece using ceramic glaze. The work is taken back to the workshop and fired in a kiln. Projects are complete within 21 days.

Party Booking Form


Please choose the package that is best for your event.

(Prices do not include GST, projects fired and returned within 21 days, complimentary printable invitations included, birthday persons gets to go on the pottery wheel)
Please read before you register:
1. $100 deposit required at time of booking, full payment required before the event.
2. Refunds shall be granted before the party begins for an incapacitating medical hardship with a doctor’s note. Any approved refund will be granted minus a 15% processing fee. If we cancel a birthday party there will be a full refund.
3. The parent/guardian that is hosting the event must be present at all times during the party, also please remember parties cannot run over allotted times as your party person will be going to another event.


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