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Clay for Kids has been teaching children and adults in Calgary how to work with clay and explore their creativity since 1981.

We deliver our portable clay and fused glass programs, Residency, clay and fused glass murals to Alberta schools.

We also offer clay, fused glass birthday parties and events in your home or location.

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Fused glass mural made by all grade four students at W.O. Mitchell School in Calgary

Treaty Mural” commissioned by Taotha Community School, Stoney Nation Big Horn.
This mural is working in conjunction with the Alberta Teacher’s Association “Walking together – Education for Reconciliation”

  • Working with clay is fun and allows your children to learn something new.
  • Clay is one of the most effective art mediums for personal growth and exploring creative skills in children.
  • Clay is a natural substance that has been used by people for thousands of years. The children learn about its origins and how a “lump of raw clay” can be transformed into a piece of pottery.
  • Clay allows each child to discover and explore his/her creativity. Clay is responsive to the touch and each piece can be manipulated, shaped and molded as desired.
  • Clay helps to build a sense of self-esteem and confidence in children. Clay is forgiving and allows children to experiment by molding, shaping and changing it without fear of making a mistake. They have the freedom to easily correct a problem and are in control of the end result.
  • Hand building and wheel work supports the development of fine and major motor skills as the clay is rolled, pinched and shaped.
  • Clay supports visualization and self-discipline. Children create three dimensional projects and they must visualize how it can be assembled. They learn to follow step by step instructions and then carefully attach pieces so they remain intact during firing.
  • Clay contains microbes that have a calming effect on children and they become engaged and focussed on their work. They enjoy the sensory experience of the feel, smoothness and texture of the clay.
  • Children are fascinated by the “throwing of a clay piece” on a pottery wheel and are excited to have an opportunity to actually work on a wheel. The sensory experience is heightened when the child is shaping a spinning clay project.
  • The fired project is a permanent reminder of the clay making experience and creativity of the child. This strengthens the child’s sense of accomplishment when they see their creation on Mom or Dad’s desk for several years.
  • Experiencing a clay class may have a lasting positive effect on a child. Once they discover that they can create a piece of art from a lump of clay by following instructions, then they may be more confident to attempt other creative challenges in the future.
  • We have delivered this clay program in Alberta schools since 1981. We know how to most effectively teach children to work with clay and to learn from this experience.
  • Our instructors receive a comprehensive training program and follow step by step instructions for making each project. Many of our instructors are graduates of Arts or Fine Arts programs.
  • We manufacture our own portable pottery wheel that is specifically designed to be safe for use by children four years and older. Children can confidently work on our pottery wheel with supervision by an instructor.
  • Each child receives his/her fired and finished clay project as a permanent keepsake after the class.
  • We offer a full scope of pottery services including the basic ceramic painting of bisque ware, clay hand building, work on a Kids-Safe pottery wheel and larger projects such as clay tile murals. We also have developed a fused glass program.
  • The Clay for Kids services are “all about the kids”. We support many organizations in Calgary that are focussed on children such as health care services, schools and local community associations.

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