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star-bulletDiscount for 2016/17 – save 10% on the total cost (excluding GST) of a Residency for 100 students, 13% for 200 students and 15% for 300 or over students.

The Benefits of Working with Clay

Clay is one of the most effective art mediums for children to discover and develop their creative and learning skills. The process of working with this natural material to create a unique clay project supports personalized learning, sensory development, fine motor skills, self esteem, and self expression, problem solving skills, discipline and pride in a child. In addition, clay has a well documented therapeutic quality that settles and calms children.

The Clay for Kids Program

The clay program is designed to be portable and delivered in the school environment. Curriculum based projects are created in response to requests from teachers to “bring the curriculum to life” and strengthen learning outcomes. There are currently over 150 projects available for Grades K to 9.

The program follows a step-by-step procedure that has been designed for each grade to ensure that the project is successfully completed. Our instructor provides guidance for constructing and decoration while encouraging just enough imagination so the project is a “masterpiece”. We provide all required materials and it is delivered in a safe, clean and secure school environment without the need for bussing and the associated time consuming completion of documentation.

Which Artist in Residence Program is Best for your Students?

  1. All students making a piece of thrown pottery on “kid friendly” electric pottery wheel. All pieces will be slip glazed while the piece is spinning around. The work is dried, fired, dipped in clear glaze and refired. Completely food safe. Dedicated instructor at all times.
    Cost is $11.00 per student.
  2. Classes creating a curriculum project of their choosing or each grade choosing from The “Power of Masks” and slip glaze the piece. The project is dried, fired, dipped in clear glaze and refired to a hard shiny finish.
    Cost is $17.00 per student.
  3. All students create a fused glass project. Projects can be crucifix, night lights, sun catchers or variety of jewelry. Cost depends on projects and type of glass – $16.00 each.
  4. Construction & finishing of clay or fused glass tile murals by all students & staff. Costs range from $18.00 per tile.

For more details on these options, click on Which A.I.R. Program is Best for You?

For each of these programs:

  • All required equipment, materials and finishes are provided.
  • Each residence is a minimum of eight classes.
  • We offer Power Point Presentation for all curriculum projects.
  • A parent viewing event can be organized upon completion so that students can display their clay creations and demonstrate their knowledge of the curriculum subjects.
  • A Professional Development opportunity for teachers.


For more information and photographs of clay projects, see our website or email Calgary@clayforkids.com