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Tile Murals

You know that vacant wall in your school that everyone from students to your superintendent says “That wall really needs something!”?

Well, you’ve found the perfect something. Clay for Kids has been creating Artist in Residence programs in public and private schools for over twenty years. The flagship of our A.I.R. program is our Tile Murals. The entire school or just the graduating class will work together to create a beautiful permanent fixture for the school, to be marveled by everyone who passes by. Tile Murals can be installed both indoor and outdoor making the breadth of possibilities that much larger.
The theme of the mural can be determined by us or we can consult with you and your staff given our spectrum of possibilities to design a breath-taking installation.

WoodbineGraduating class wall tiles; Woodbine Elementary celebrates their grade six students by decorating a prefired 4″ clay tiles and Clay for Kids helps.Our instructor assists the students in the glazing and after the tiles are fired in our studio we mount and grout the tiles to a brick wall.

A.F.A. Arts and Education Grants

Clay for Kids is an approved artist and you can find us online at the AFA website

With the ability to provide a range of programs depending on budget, school resources and curriculum, your students will have a unique opportunity to work with professional artists who has been creating ceramic tile murals for over 20 years Clay for Kids has left life-long impressions with over 30,000 children and teachers in dozens of school across Alberta. See our brochure Applications are online and due every April 1.

alberta mural

The Alberta Mural

As detailed in our Artist in Residence Program, the Alberta Mural project:

  • Supports the Social Studies curriculum to assist students in their journey to become responsible citizens and leaders of tomorrow.
  • Is focused on Outcome 4.1 Alberta: A Sense of Land in the Grade 4 curriculum.
  • Students demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how elements of physical geography, climate, geology and paleontology are integral to the landscapes and environment of Alberta.
  • Students learn how to develop a concept map that represents the physical geography of Alberta.
  • Students demonstrate skills in decision making and problem solving by:
    • Choosing a region to work on and deciding which flora, fauna, animal and/or geographic elements to recreate on their clay tiles.
    • Measuring, cutting, shaping, molding and decorating their tiles
    • Deciding which colors to paint fired tiles to best show the regional theme.

Fused Glass Mural

We have developed a fused glass program in our Pottery Studio in the last year. We are offering fused glass classes in schools and now are introducing fused glass tile murals. This service consists of:

  • Coming to your school and bringing all required glass and other supplies. Glass is safe and easy to work with.
  • Providing step by step instructions on how to make fused glass tiles.
  • Firing the tiles in our studio kiln to 1350 degrees F.
  • Designing, cutting out and finishing a plywood base.
  • Mounting and framing the tiles on the base.
  • Returning the murals to the school within 21 days.

Prices vary with the size of tiles and amount of glass used. In general, prices range from $18.00 plus GST per completed tile.

Circle of Courage Mural

Click on Circle of Courage Mural to read about this mural that was completed for Keeler Elementary School in spring 2014. It is a strong visual confirmation of the school’s commitment to this program and is truly a work of art that was completed by the students and staff.

Note: Selection of the location and the mounting of a wall mural are the responsibility of the school. We can provide suggestions to assist with the installation.Clay for Kids is an approved artist for the Artist and Education Grant available through the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

For more information, see the Tile Mural FAQ’s.