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Hand & Feet Imprints

These projects are a permanent reminder of a significant event in a family’s life that is captured in clay. A major part of the journey of the treasure is deciding what to make and then having the family members participate in making it. We provide several options for family treasures and can work with you to create a customized treasure if desired that is unique to your needs.


What you will want to know

  • Create your imprints with raw clay or painted bisqueware
  • We have many styles and colours to choose from.
  • An instructor in our studio will assist you with ideas and colours.
  • To assist our “napping clientele”, we are open before 10 am from Monday to Saturday.
  • The cost will be quoted once we define the nature and size of your Treasure.

    You can also purchase a gift certificate for a Family Treasure for your loved ones in Calgary and they can create their treasure in our studio. Last Christmas, it was the perfect gift for a family in Calgary from a relative living in Scotland. It would also be a great gift to give to a relative who is living in another country.

    Let’s not forget our 4-legged friends!

    Treasuring your pet

    Dolly and Daisy


  • Some of our most popular Family treasures are:

    Family Treasure ~ Brooklyn - resized
    Gillian and Ema - resized

    Clay Imprint of feet

    Hands and feet

    Santa handprint
    Stepping Stone for the Garden
    Christmas Treasures
    Cookie jars - resizedHand print on Bisque ware
    child and adult ASon and Mom imprint
    Jan 12, 2014 053Dog Urn