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Home Schooling Program

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Classes for Home Schoolers

Meet children from all over the city who come to our studio to create and learn how to work with clay. The children will have the opportunity to hand build art and curriculum projects with clay and slip glaze the raw clay. They will create a piece on our “kids safe” pottery wheel and glaze selected bisque ware pieces. Any work that is slip glazed will be fired in our kilns to produce a hard, shiny finish which is “food safe”. A 10 to 15 minute power point presentation will be provided in selected classes as a learning aid.

Classes: every Thursday from 10 to 11:30 AM. We run 6 class sessions starting September 14 and run consecutively to June 30.

Class dates:
Nov 10 to Dec 15, 2016

Jan 12 to Feb 16
Feb 23 to Apr 6 (no class on Mar 30)
Apr 13 to May 18
May 25 to June 29

Cost: 6 classes for $90.00, drop in is $20/person


star-bullet-greenWe have Open Studio on Friday nights. Come in as a family or drop the kids off for clay making, wheel work or ceramic painting.


Daycare and Out of School Care

We will come to you and deliver our 1½ hour clay program. This includes a pottery wheel demonstration and a discussion about clay. We will then instruct your children on how to create the clay project of your choice. The projects will be returned to our studio for drying, firing and will be returned to you within 21 days. Projects are available from 6 months to 5 years of age. Refer to the preschool or Kindergarten photos. The cost is $9.00 per student plus GST.

We can also paint the projects with slip glaze at the end of our clay making session. The projects will be dried, fired, dipped in clear glaze and refired to a hard shiny colourful finish. The cost is an additional $5.00 per student plus GST.

Come to The Pottery Studio

If you choose to bring your children to the studio for our 1½ hour clay program, they will have a tour of the studio and see how the wet clay pieces are dried and then fired in a kiln. We will then instruct a clay project of your choice and the children can use our studio tools. The projects will be fired and ready for pick up within 21 days. The cost is $9.00 per student plus GST.

While the children at the studio, they can also work on the pottery wheel. Each child will complete a small bowl or vase and will slip glaze the piece while it is spinning on the wheel. The wheel pieces will be dried, fired, dipped in clear glaze and re-fired to a hard, colourful and shiny finish which is “food safe”. The cost per child to work on the pottery wheel is $10.00 per student plus GST.

Discounts are available for a daycare customer if classes are booked in more than one company location in the city.