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Clay for Kids art and curriculum programs are designed for pre-schools, kindergarten and grades 1 to 10 and higher classes. Our projects are linked to the Program of Studies from Alberta Education and support learning and enrich the curriculum. We also offer Seasonal Projects for special events such as Mother’s Day.

Pre-Schools (ages 3 & 4)


Curriculum OverviewI am Unique; I belong

Social Studies – ‘I am Unique in My Community’

Suggested projects are – Family Plaque, All About Me Frame, Dad and Me plaque. Personal Mask.

Science – Under the Sea, Insects on a Leaf, Dinosaurs

Building Things – Arch candle holder.

Grade 1

Curriculum Overview   – Building Things (which students do when they create with clay)
– My World; Seasonal Changes

Science – building Things; Arch candle holders, Life cycle of a butterfly, Under the sea, Farm animals, and Bear coil pot.

Language Arts – My favorite book (child makes their favorite book cover)

Grade 2

Curriculum Overview   – Science: Small crawling and flying animals
– Social Studies: Three regions of Canada; Inuit Studies

Social Studies – Inuit animals, Inuit mask

Three regions of Canada, Atlantic Region – Lighthouse, Northern Region – Inukshuk, Prairie Region – Grain elevator

Science – Life cycle of a butterfly, insects on a leaf, wind chimes

Grade 3

Curriculum Overview   – Rocks and Minerals (every class includes a discussion of the properties of clay and how the minerals in the ground affect it)
– Social Studies: Peru, India, Ukraine, Tunisia (the original Star Wars film location was in the Tunisian Dougga Dwellings)

Social Studies – Ukrainian Child, Peruvian Child, Peruvian Mask, Taj Mahal, and Elephant coil pot, Dougga Dwellings of Tunisia, Tunisian Aicha Vase

Communities of the world – Mexican sun and children around the world.

Science – Life cycle of a butterfly, whistle and drums for (hearing and sound)

Grade 4

Curriculum Overview   – Science: Light and Shadows
– Social Studies: Aboriginals and their way of Life
– People of Alberta

Science – Save the planet, Sundial (shadow and light)

Social Studies – Alberta Crest, Log school house, Teepee

Grades 5

Curriculum Overview   – Wetland creatures and their environment
– Social Studies: Canadian History

Social Studies – Regional trains, Canadian symbols, Iroquois Spirit Masks

Science – wetlands

Grades 6

Curriculum Overview   – Science: The Sky; Flight (the Seraph is a lesson in aerodynamics)
– Social Studies: The Iroquois Confederacy, Citizen Participation in Decision Making

Social studies – Grecian urn with four pillars of democracy, Greek tragedy masks, Chinese dragons.

Language arts – Personal trophy

Science – Sundial

Junior High (grades 7 – 9)

Projects   – personal codex, Canadian symbols, dragons
– Meninias of Velazquez for Spanish Schools

Personal Codex, Canadian Symbols, Dragons, Crazy coil pot

Projects for Spanish Schools – Meninias of Velázquez
For Grade 8 – Renaissance Architecture Plaques

High School (grades 10 and up)


Seasonal Projects

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