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Class Booking Form 2016-17


Our clay program can be delivered to classes from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The teacher pre-selects curriculum based or seasonal projects. The projects are either created by hand building, by throwing a piece on a pottery wheel (we can bring a number of pottery wheels to a school) or by sculpting pieces. The curriculum projects have been designed in consultation with teachers over the years and help to strengthen student learning by “bringing the curriculum to life”.

  • Our instructor comes to your school and delivers the class in your safe and secure facility.
  • We provide all required clay, student aprons, tools, trays, table drop cloth and supplies.
  • Each class is 60 to 120 minutes in length, depending on the grade and projects that is selected.
  • Each class begins with a pottery wheel demonstration and a 10 minute question and answer session about clay (where does clay come from, how do minerals in the ground affect the clay) and how clay is transformed into pottery (what happens to their projects after the class is complete). This is a wonderful opportunity to engage the students by sharing information.
  • The students benefit from the pottery wheel demonstration as it settles them and focuses their attention. To younger students, the transformation of a “lump of clay” into a bowl or cup seems like magic. The older students want to try it themselves.
  • All of the student projects are returned to our studio, dried and then fired in our kilns to a temperature of over 1000 degrees C. This firing process is a fundamental step in a pottery program.
  • After firing, all projects are individually wrapped in paper and packed in a cardboard box for return to the school within 21 days, along with bags to carry them home. The bowl created during the pottery wheel demonstration is glazed and returned as a gift to the teacher.

Van Gogh by instructorPoppiesProfessional Development – These are fun and you’ll really learn something useful. Sessions are 90 – 120 minutes and you may choose from fused glass, painting, clay building, pottery wheel work or create with fused glass.
This year we are introducing two Painting projects . The first is Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers ( see photo). This painting is mixed media and ideal for division one. The P.D. session is 2 hours.
The second is “Poppies” (see photo), again mixed media and good for all grades. Session is 2 hours
Prices start at $20/participant plus GST. Minimum number of participants is 15.

Educational Objective

To provide students with a basic understanding of clay and the firing process and to assist them in making connections across the curriculum in Art, Social Studies, Science and Language Arts.

Fundraising for Schools

PlatesPlatesPlatesWe have several large clay projects that can be made by all of the students in one class (for example, a large planter that is constructed in layers) and then raffled off in order to raise funds. Alternatively, we can bring pre-fired bisque ware pieces for finishing by each student or one large piece for glazing by an entire class.

The cost starts at clay making and slip glazing a large planter for $210.00/class. $70.00 per large bisque ware bowl, platter or vase when the piece is divided into the number of children per class, and the piece is ceramic painted with the assistance of our instructor.