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Discounts for 2016/17 school year.

10% off total of all invoices excluding GST. 13% for 200 students and 15% for 300 or over students.

Clay, Famous Artist, glazing and fused glass.


Famous Artist Series

Fused Glass

Teacher’s Notes

  • Our Field Trip costs are 20% lower than Wildflower and North Mount Pleasant art centres.
  • Slip Glaze means you don’t have to finish them.

2016/17 discounts- save 10% on the total cost, 13% for 200 students and 15% for 300 or over students. Excluding GST.


  • “Experiencing a pottery program” is part of the Alberta Education curriculum for school grades K to 12.
  • Clay is one of the most effective art mediums to support the growth and development of skills in children. The experience of working with clay supports sensory development, motor skills, self expression, self esteem, problem solving skills, discipline and pride of accomplishment. Refer to “The Benefits of Working with Clay” on the website home page for more information.
  • Clay is different from other art mediums as it provides a better understanding of three dimensional form. While making a project, children experience the need for shape, form and perspective.
  • Clay can be effectively used to support learning when students can create their own curriculum related projects.
  • Larger scale projects can help a school to create a sense of community among the teachers and students. For example, wall murals are formed of clay tiles that are created by each student and teacher to commemorate an event or reinforce a theme such as anti-bullying.


  • We have been teaching children how to work with clay in schools in Calgary since 1981 and know how to deliver interesting and educational programs to students. Our clay and glass programs are specifically designed for delivery in the school environment.
  • We provide a “true pottery program” in accordance with the Alberta Education curriculum. Children create projects made of raw clay which are dried and fired at high temperature in our kilns to produce a piece of pottery. We do not use plasticine, polymer clay or other manufactured products that cannot be kiln fired.
  • The instructor provides a pottery wheel demonstration at the start of each class by throwing a small bowl. We believe that this demonstration is essential to achieve the pottery experience” as required in the curriculum. Also, this demonstration captures the attention and interest of the students and improves their focus during the hand building of the selected project.
  • Our program is portable as we bring all of the required materials and equipment to your school. We take the finished wet clay projects at the end of the class to dry and fire in our kilns and then return the fired projects within approximately 21 days. The school only needs to supply a suitable room, containers of water, paper towels and parent volunteers when required.
  • The program is safe as it is delivered in your secure school environment. It is also clean and can be taught in a standard classroom.
  • We offer over 150 curriculum and seasonal projects. These projects are grouped by grade and their complexity varies with the skill level of each age group. PowerPoint presentations for projects can be provided for Grades K to 9 classes.
  • Our curriculum based projects were created in response to requests from teachers to support learning by “Bringing the Curriculum to Life”. Our projects build connections and provide engaging context. An example is native masks when students are studying Canadian history.
  • Our instruction supports the three main cognitive learning styles for students. We provide visuals of the project (including a PowerPoint presentation in classrooms with Smartboards), descriptions of how to complete each step and a demonstration by the instructor of how the project is created.
  • Our instruction is child centered. Our step-by-step procedures are designed to ensure that each student can successfully create the selected project and that it will stay intact during firing. We also encourage individuality in the decoration and finishing of the project by each student.
  • We come to your school so there is no cost and travel time for bussing to other sites.
  • We fabricate our own Kids-Safe portable pottery wheels. The wheel is custom designed to be simple in operation and rotate at a constant optimal speed so that can be easily used by children and adults. It is CSA approved and suitable for use in any classroom.
  • We offer other programs such as clay sculpting, field trips to our working pottery studio and fused glass in the classroom.
  • We can create wall tile murals in schools and custom design each mural to meet the school needs. An example is the “Circle of Courage” wall mural that provides a visual reminder of the commitment by the students and staff to this initiative.
  • We offer Artist-in-Residence programs that are custom designed for each school. A popular option is for each student and staff member to have the experience of creating a small bowl on a pottery wheel.
  • Finishes and sprays can be supplied for finishing of the projects by the students. A popular option is the application of a slip glaze to the wet clay project by the students which results in a beautiful shiny finish after firing.
  • Clay for Kids is licensed by the City of Calgary, has police security clearances for each instructor, WCB coverage and commercial general liability insurance. We also have a Master Agreement with the Calgary Board of Education.



  • School Field Trip – Thank you so much for a fabulous experience. It was awesome and the projects were all amazing. – Grade 1 teachers, Maple Ridge School
  • Alberta Mural – Amazing! Everybody was satisfied with this project. Thank you very much. – Mme Veronique, Ecole Ste-Marguerite Bourgeoys
  • Seraph project- Thanks for the amazing clay session. By the time that my own class got to clay build, they had heard all day from the other students about how much fun they would have. I had a chance to join my class as they built the Seraph and build one myself. The instructors were outstanding and we all had a wonderful time. – Brian Jackson, Ralph McCall School
  • We had our entire student enrollment participate in Clay for Kids projects. There have been many positive comments about both the instruction and the enthusiasm of our children. – Meva M., Teacher
  • It was probably the most fun our class has had this year. I personally really enjoyed it and think that everyone else did too. I hope you come again soon to make some more clay sculptures or other projects. – Robbie, student.
  • Thank you for coming to our school and the great opportunity you gave our grade 1 & 2’s. It was another dimension to their artistic growth and appreciation. – Gillian H., Roland Michener School.
  • The Kindergarten children loved learning about clay and working with Clay for Kids. They were thrilled to use their hands to create angel plaques for their parents for Christmas. – Karie Holt, Teacher
  • Thanks you for the wonderful session with my grade 2 class. Your directions were so clear and you were so encouraging towards the students. They all went away feeling that they are truly artists. – Grade 2 Teacher, Westmount Charter School
  • Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity and experience! We all had such a great time. – Kim B., St. Stephens School
  • Please let us know how soon we can get our butterflies as we need to have them for our learning celebration. Thank you so much for your wonderful session with the kids. It was one of the highlights of our year. – Julie B., Wildwood School
  • Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your instructor is. Perfect for pre-school! Awesome! – Jennifer S., Edgemont Pre-school
  • Just WOW! Perfect timing (pacing), preparation and implementation. I did this clay program years ago and loved it then too. My kids were proud of the unfired pieces and can’t wait until they see them fired! – Laureen M., Westmount Charter School
  • Your instructor was amazing! The kids loved her! This is our third year with her and she never disappoints. – Amy V., Foundations for the Future Charter Academy
  • I just wanted to say thank you to your AWESOME instructor! We thoroughly enjoyed her expertise. – Paola C., St. Ambrose School
  • The classes were great and your instructor was excellent with the kids. Everyone enjoyed it very much. – Colette M., St. Bebe School